Being an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant since 2013, Lara “gets” marketing and the industry and has the expertise to discuss strategy, provide software training, and oversee implementation.

Buy Infusionsoft + Set Up

You’ve heard all about Infusionsoft and how your colleagues are using it to obtain great results. Want to know what all the buzz is about? Watch the demo to your left. 

As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, you can purchase Infusionsoft directly from me, and I can offer you the same promo codes offered by Infusionsoft.

After purchase, I can also take care of the initial set up of your app and provide you with the training you need to get started with a strong foundation.

Ready to purchase Infusionsoft and experience the results for yourself? 

Investment for StartUp Excelerator Packages start at $1,997*

*Purchase of Infusionsoft app requires a separate, monthly subscription

Exceleration Power Hour with Lara

Want to do what I do?

As a former virtual assistant, and now an Infusionsoft Certified Partner/Consultant, and a Certified Online Business Manager, I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to make a living by helping entrepreneurs with their business needs.

During our Power Hour, I’ll provide you information on how to get started as an Infusionsoft virtual assistant, Online Business Manager, or Infusionsoft Certified Consultant. You’ll receive my checklist and resource guide, along with a 15-minute follow-up call.

What’s included with an Exceleration Power Hour Package?

  •  1-hour Recorded Call with Lara
  • Checklist
  • Resource Guide
  • 15-minute follow up call within 30 days

Learn how to make money with Infusionsoft.

Exceleration Power Hour Investment: $397

Infusionsoft Training

Because, when you excel at Infusionsoft, your profits accelerate.


This is for you, if:

  • You recently purchased Infusionsoft and need training in order to set up a strong foundation in your app.
  • You’ve had your Infusionsoft app for some time now and you navigate through it quite well, but you’d like some expert guidance to take it to the next level and are ready to learn advanced skills.
  • Your assistant handles the day-to-day tasks in Infusionsoft (and you prefer it that way); however, she/he needs formal training.
  • There’s one area of Infusionsoft (campaign builder, e-commerce set up, Dashboard set up, tag strategy) that you’re struggling with and need training on that specific area of your app.

With expert guidance, Lara will teach you the Infusionsoft skills you need to make your app work for you. Through a series of six one-hour calls for up to 3 members of your team, you’ll receive personalized software training.

Infusionsoft Training Session packages start at $1,597

Want to conduct your training day in Las Vegas?  

I’m a Las Vegas local and am happy to conduct a full-day training session for you and your team. What happens in Las Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Las Vegas!  Leave Las Vegas with newly-acquired Infusionsoft skills and knowledge.


A full six-hour work day (9am to 4pm) conducted in a conference room for up to 5 team members. Includes a Strategy Call prior to workday. Laptops required.

Inquire about Las Vegas Training Days here. 

"Lara has been able to fill in all the gaps I'd been experiencing in launching a new business the RIGHT way. She helped me navigate that careful balance of finding my own way, while helping me avoid pitfalls. Lara's guidance and strategies have, hands down, put an end to several roadblocks I had ahead of me. No barrier has been too small (or too big!) for Lara to lead me through - and I'm incredibly appreciative for that!"
LJ - SolutionScene

Automate and excelerate.

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