Lara Endorf: 
The force that fuels Excelerate 

As a Certified Online Business Manager and a Certified Infusionsoft Consultant, Lara empowers women to succeed in business.

Lara specializes in freeing the business owner from the daily distractions so she can become the CEO. By relieving her of those duties, the business owner is free to focus on the growth and expansion of her business -- and take back ownership of her vision.

Attention to detail.  That’s Lara’s sweet spot.

Lara loves details and adores efficiency. She thrives on helping entrepreneurs create order out of chaos in their businesses.

Having worked as a legal assistant, a professional organizer designing closet systems, and as a marketing consultant, Lara says, “My career been has focused on helping people stay organized and create systems and processes, by paying close attention to detail.”


How Excelerate was born

Over the past 20 years...

Lara has supported business owners in varied industries get to the next level, including attorneys, coaches, financial advisers, consultants, and executives.

Lara escaped the corporate cubicle in order to enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship and helps others to rise up and do the same.

When infertility issues made it impossible for Lara to have children, she re-examined her expectations and redefined how she would honor and serve her purpose.

An inspiring coach and valuable colleague shared this with Lara, “I see how oriented you are towards helping people get on the right track in order to realize their potential. Which is what the best mothers do.” 

In order to help entrepreneurs reach their highest potential, Lara strives to add value to her clients on a daily basis. She believes in personal growth and in continuing education and approaches obstacles with grace, seeking solutions rather than placing blame. 

As a wife, stepmom, daughter, sister and entrepreneur, Lara understands it is critical to surround herself with people who believe in her and provide a strong support system -- her faith and family are her foundation in life and the driving factor of why she is in business.

As a small business owner since 2008, Lara has developed a reputation for being trustworthy, the calm in the storm, and for delivering high quality work.

She believes in the results that can be achieved through working with mentors and coaches and has been coached by successful powerhouse women, such as Ali Brown, Joy Chudacoff, Tina Forsyth, and Janette Gleason.


Excelerate Clientele

You may be wondering what type of business owners Lara works with... 

Lara works with Big Picture thinkers who have a proven process and a clear vision of where they’re headed next. These entrepreneurs have their priorities clear and are getting results.

Lara’s clients are ready to build a team, or strengthen the team they have. They understand the importance of coaching and take part in high level Mastermind Groups and/or have a business coach.

These dynamic entrepreneurs are comfortably earning 6+ figures or on their way to the 7-figure mark. They’re looking to work with someone for the long-term to build and expand their business year-after-year.

Lara’s clients are ready to align their vision and priorities to get results.

They believe mistakes are learning opportunities and look for solutions rather than blame.  They embrace technology and are ready to get their systems in order.

They rely on Lara for the strategy, to figure out the “how,” and to help put processes in place.


Apply for a Strategy Session

Aside from her story, Lara has the credentials to back it up. She is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and a Certified Online Business Manager.

Working as your Thought Partner, Lara proactively stays one step ahead of you and looks ahead to what’s next in your business.

If you are interested in how she may be able to help you grow your business, please apply for a Strategy Session.