Being an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant since 2013, Lara “gets” marketing and the industry and has the expertise to discuss strategy, provide software training, and oversee implementation.

Infusionsoft Strategy + Implementation

Providing Strategy + Implementation to capture your leads, grow your list, create your marketing/sales funnels, and to nurture and wow your prospects and clients.

Infusionsoft Momentum MarketingTM Package

This is for you, if:

  • You’ve had an Infusionsoft account for months (maybe even years) and you know you’re underutilizing it, but you don’t have the time or desire to learn it or set it up.     
  • You prefer to delegate your Infusionsoft implementation to an expert.
  • You feel completely overwhelmed when you log into your Infusionsoft app and feel frustrated when you attempt to tackle it yourself.
  • Because you’re busy, your marketing efforts are inconsistent.
  • You have several campaigns set up and send out a weekly newsletter, but you just don’t seem to be getting the results you want.
  • Doing everything manually is frustrating and would like (no, love!) automated processes in place.
  • You know Infusionsoft does monthly software updates, but you struggle to understand what the changes are and how they may apply to your app.
  • You want your own, private Infusionsoft expert on-call who is familiar with your app -- because you’re tired of getting a different person every time you call into Tech Support.
  • You want 1:1 coaching to talk about the strategy and create a plan.


Want to consistently keep the momentum going?

How does the process work? 

First, we schedule a Strategy Call to talk about why you are in business, who your target market is, and then create a marketing plan. Between our calls, we put the plan into action by implementing it in your Infusionsoft app.

Now Imagine This:

  • Your marketing funnels are running automatically and sales are coming in.
  • Your list is growing because your lead magnet opt-ins are in place on your website and people are signing up for your webinars and eBooks.
  • Your clients are enthusiastic about your work together because they are being nurtured (yes, this can be automated!).
  • You’re making specific offers to target your clients’ exact needs because your list is segmented.
  • Because your processes and marketing funnels are now automated, you have free time to do the work you love -- or simply work less.

Sounds fantastic, right?  If you’re ready to automate your business processes and watch your profits excelerate, simply fill out our short questionnaire and we will schedule a 20-minute complimentary call for you to speak with Lara right away!


Automate your business processes and watch profits Excelerate.