Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the role of an OBM? 

The role of an OBM is to coordinate the growth and expansion of your business.

An OBM helps you focus on the specific things only YOU can do in your business, thus releasing you from the daily distractions so you can become the CEO.

The four KEY areas an OBM manages for you are: 1) project management, 2) operations management, 3) people management, and 4) money management (metrics).

For each item on your to-do list, ask yourself, “Is this something only I can do?” If the answer is yes, keep it on your list. If the answer is no, delegate it.

Need examples? Sign up here for the tip sheet, “100 Ways That an Online Business Manager Can Help Boost Your Business.”

How is an OBM different than a virtual assistant?

  • An OBM is responsible for the entire team completing their tasks.

  • An OBM typically has fewer clients than a VA, so provides much more individualized, exclusive service to the business owner and the business’ clients.

  • An OBM thinks “big picture” and manages all the details of how a project flows from beginning to end. An OBM proactively stays one step ahead of you.

  • Your Core Team should consist of yourself (CEO), your OBM and your VA.

There are many moving pieces in my business and it’s difficult keeping track of what is getting done and what isn’t. Can you help?

Yes, the role of an OBM is to manage all of those pieces for you. By adding deadlines to your virtual office and keeping team members on track, your OBM manages your projects start to finish. You’ll be able to see, at a glance, the status of every project.

I hire contractors but can’t seem to find the right people for the job and when I do find great people, it’s so time-consuming to manage them, or they quit; can an OBM help me hire team members?

Yes! Your OBM can locate, interview, hire, manage, and if necessary, fire your team members.  In addition, your OBM helps you create a business that runs on processes, not people, so things flow smoothly with the transition of team members.

Why should I invest in an OBM?

An OBM’s success is also your success. As a team, working together, we can do bigger things, increase profits, and focus on growth.

Are you ready for an OBM?

Do You:

  • Spend more than 20 hours a month managing your business?

  • Comfortably make a 6-figure (or more) income but seem to be “stuck” and know you need help to grow beyond where you are now?

  • Know that what you are currently doing will not take you to the next level or allow you to scale unless you seek help?

  • Have new ideas but no time to implement because you’re managing everything?

  • Have a clear vision for your business?

  • Have a proven process?

  • Know where your business stands in terms of 1) project management 2) operations (systems/processes) 3) metrics, and 4) team projects/tasks?

  • Feel like you are at a bursting point?

  • Know you are ready to let go and delegate to others?

If you answered YES to more than 3 of these, you are likely ready for an OBM.

Bottomline: You are the only one who can decide if you are ready for an OBM. If you’re really finally ready to let go and grow, then an OBM is your next step.

Overview of Responsibilities:

Business Owner is Responsible for:

  • Setting your vision

  • Determining your marketing channels/funnel

  • Creating content

  • Forming and nurturing relationships with strategic alliances

OBM is responsible for:

  • Staying one step ahead of the client and proactively providing suggestions and recommendations

  • Finding ways to increase revenue, keep revenue, and decrease expenses

  • Managing team and projects

  • Creating systems/processes